The Future Security Operations platform is abstract

The Future is Abstract

The challenges of security analytics today

So many tools, so little business value.

Security teams shouldn't have to become ETL engineers or programmers to get value from their telemetry.

Only 42% of successful attacks are discovered within a week of intrusion.

Traditional monolithic architectures based on index first approaches typically see alerting times measured in the 10s of minutes.

62 minutes is the avg adversary breakout time. Detections need to be faster.

Abstract provides a one-click datalake on a privacy-first architecture. Never worry about scaling your storage or losing your data to vendor lock-in again.

80% of data lake projects fail. Operations needs to be easier.

The "future" of SIEM has become nothing more than another generation of logging search engines with a new dashboard.

It's time to stop modernizing the mistakes of the past.

Focus on the data that matters

Don’t wade in the data swamp

BIFURCATE security & compliance

Security analytics is streamed, compliance data is searched.
Abstract’s data management helps teams optimize data without compromising on compliance or security effectiveness. This gives teams immediate cost-savings on storage, faster detection, and powerful analytics capabilities.
Immensely reduced storage costs
Managed data pipelines
Focused segmentation of data

get instant data and detection expertise

Turn secops into specialops

Introducing ASE

the Abstract Security Engineer

ASE is not another chatbot. ASE is built leveraging AI, Expert systems, Machine learning and subject matter expertise.
Always on, working behind the scenes, helping you navigate the complexities of security data. Helping you to understand and consistently improve.
understand and analyze enterprise data needed for detection
Protecting the business requires an understanding of all the data sources, the intricacies of each one, and the complex cloud environments in which the business operates. No human should be expected to understand all of that alone.
consistently improve Detection effectiveness
Effective detection requires both fine-tuned rules and the right data sources to apply them. Detection scenarios, ATT&CK attribution, and playbooks are not enough. Data source expertise enables true detection effectiveness.

Abstract away the operational weight of security platform engineering

95% of collected log data is not usable for detection. Separate your data for compliance and security use cases so you can save on costs, increase efficiencies, and supercharge your detection capabilities.
“In the past, we’ve focused too much on data engineering, making our security experts learn the intricacies of ETL. What we’ve always needed has been a no-code solution to data onboarding, management, and transformation.”

- Burnt out security engineer wearing too many hats
Move past saved searches and dashboard. Get real-time streaming correlation and machine learning with pre-built and user defined detection rules.
“Analytics has been reduced to saved searches and “dashboards”, we have lost the power of correlation and machine learning”

-Fortune 100 Security Director
Data lake
Abstract provides a one-click datalake on a privacy-first architecture. Never worry about scaling your storage or losing your data to vendor lock-in again.
“Data lakes are one of the projects that exemplify Build vs Buy. Building data lakes from scratch takes precious time away from my team to do any real detection engineering work. And the aftermath is always brutal.”

- Fortune 500 Global CISO

welcome to the future

Next gen siem is not a siem
We're on a mission to tie security back to business value. Use Abstract and transcend your next-gen SIEM.
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